FairFX Currency Card Review

As a long standing member of the community, the Newcastle Building Society is currently the largest financial establishment in the United Kingdom. Since1861 they have been serving their community, providing several domestic consumer financial products. UK Credit Cards are a large component of their business. The The FairFX Currency Card is issued by Newcastle Building Society and well known as Prepaid Currency Card.

FairFX Currency Card

Another attractive card for travelers is the FairFX Currency Card. This prepaid money card lets you use your money anywhere in the world while avoiding foreign exchange fees and credit card interest. Since there are no monthly or annual fees either, this is really a card worth keeping in your wallet or purse.

It is very easy to load through bank transfer or with your bank's debit card, which are both free. Standard purchases are free of charge too, but ATM cash withdrawals incur a small fee that is equivalent of just a couple US dollars. In order to use the card, UK owners must make a nominal minimum initial deposit.

While the FairFX Currency Card is easy to use, it is also very easy to maintain as well. You can check your balance online, as well as add funds if necessary. If you choose to, you can use your online access to transfer or share the card funds with another person. The latest chip-and-pin security features ensure that your card is safe, even if it is lost or stolen.

If you do need to replace your card, the replacement fee is a bit higher than others, but although that is just the incentive you need to keep track of it. At the same time, it is a moderate sum to replace it if in the event it is stolen.